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"... Bring balance back to government..." Mia Love - Congratulations to Ms. Love and I wish her the best, however there has never been balance in government since the founding of our country starting with the first president. Unfortunately, things have escalated to a boiling point, which began under false pretense and hypocrisy. Until all men are free, no man is free and no democracy can exist in our country as long as there is the fallacy that we have a democratic society - We will continue to self-destruct.   Sadly, after hundreds of years, we act like Ms. Love's election is something to be gloating in when slaves were supposedly free hundreds of years ago and here we are in 2014 as a country having to make it a "big deal" when black people didn't just now become intelligent enough to win an election in Utah or anywhere else.  With true equality and freedom, this would not be a "big deal" but an ordinary event. The masses can restructure our country.  My Perspective as to why people didn't vote.  Perhaps they feel they have nothing to vote for, except to go within themselves and vote to be the best they can be by investing in themselves and just a thought:  Perhaps if the whole nation just sat out 2016 and allow the politicians to continue to warm their seats and while we the masses continue to invest in ourselves connecting in love and masterminding to quietly restructure the country by becoming true to ourselves and gain true freedom and only trade with entrepreneurs who genuinely have our country's best interest at heart, which are mostly the small businesses struggling to survive while we invest in big corporations that have more money than they know what to do with. How many yachts, houses, planes, cars, can one park a butt in for any given time? They give away enough clothes to Goodwill, Salvation Armies and other used outlets so that you never have to buy new clothes, appliances, cars, etc.  Just start recycling everything and take your clothes to the cleaners (small neighborhood business) your appliance repairman (small neighborhood business) your car repairs (small neighborhood business), home school your children, some will get a better education and you save on clothes, gas, food and they can eat healthier. Change your eating habits and lifestyles to get healthier and stop making Big Pharma (Pharmaceuticals) richer. Stop wasting your hard earned money on entities that use you to get richer, while you struggle to just survive and that includes the religious institutions. Just think about it; why are so many Christians struggling right along with everybody else while they give their hard earned money to these institutions because they are made to feel guilty. God is in you just like he is in your clergy, so why are you poor and the clergy isn't?  Shouldn't you be as successful as your leader or mastermind if you are truly connecting?  And how long does it take for you to hear the same thing over and over and you are still at a standstill with little to no progress? How are you living vs. how are they living?  Do you question anything or just continue to be conditioned to be what someone else tells you, you should be or will you be what you were born to be and use your own GPS (God Power System) coupled with your own DNA (Divine Natural Ability)  that you were born with. God did not make anyone greater than YOU and when you recognize how great you are and use the fruit of the spirit to catapult you to your highest calling; you can live in joy, peace, happiness, and prosperity which is why the universe is so big. There is enough to go around, but the GREED gets in the way and many just throw their hands up and give up. Never, ever give up on your dream.  Just a brief story, Born a poor black girl circa early 1950’s in the South, I could have given up  - single parent home, welfare, etc., but none of that deterred my dreams, thus I am where I am today, retired from one career at 55, just as I planned at 22 and living and doing more than I envisioned.  As long as I breathe and can move with grace and greatness, I will never retire. Life is a beautiful journey, errors and omissions and everything else. So start your "Brain Power" today, shift some gears and GO!  Never allow an election to deter or defer your dreams. These people are just "seat warmers" getting richer at the people's expense and we the masses are allowing it because instead of looking internally, we continue to look externally. And just think about it, America was founded on false pretense starting with the 1st president, because until all men are free, no man is free. Laws on top of existing laws that nobody reads or enforce is part of the massive problem. Politics is like religion, in practice for years with worse results - I think that is the problem, we have practiced too long.  When is rehearsal over and when can we sing a solid song of praise with less flaws?  Your Power Lies Within You - Let It Loose! By the way, I voted because too many died for a right we should have had from the founding of this country which is part of the false pretense and hypocrisy.

CNN's Interview With Mia Love Was One Big Communication Breakdown

The Huffington Post  | By Ryan Grenoble

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Posted: 11/05/2014 6:07 pm EST Updated: 11/05/2014 6:59 pm EST


Mia Love became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress Tuesday night when she won a race for Utah's 4th District.

"Many of the naysayers out there said that Utah would never elect a black, Republican, [Mormon] woman to Congress," she told a crowd in Salt Lake City during her victory speech. "Not only did we do it, we were the first to do it.”

The historic moment, distilled into a succinct cable-news ready soundbite, was the perfect way for CNN to open their interview with Love on Wednesday morning.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Then it all broke down, as CNN hosts John Berman and Michaela Periera asked Love for advice on increasing minority representation in the GOP, and Love spent the rest of the interview distancing herself from what she seemed to perceive was a suggestion that race or gender factored into her win.

Here's the conversation, as transcribed by Real Clear Politics:

Berman: You are the first black, Republican woman to be elected to the House of Representatives. So two questions, what took so long? And what do you think needs to happen? What do you think needs to happen for more perhaps minorities to be elected by the Republican Party?

Love: Well, first of all, I think what we need to mention here is this has nothing do with race. Understand that Utahans have made a statement that they're not interested in dividing Americans based on race or gender, that they want to make sure that they are electing people who are honest and who are -- who have integrity, who could be able to go out and actually make sure that we represent the values that they hold dear.

And that's really what made history here. It's that race, gender, had nothing to do with it. Principles had everything to do with it, and Utah values had everything to do with it. And so that's the history that we made here.

Pereira: I want to challenge you on one point, though. Because there will be those that will say not so much dividing on the basis of race but just making sure that everybody has a seat at the table, a fair shot at getting a seat at the table.

Love: Again, you have to understand, I -- Saratoga Springs, there are very few black members -- black residents there. I wasn't elected because of the color of my skin. I wasn't elected because of my gender. I was elected because of the solutions that I put at the table because I promised I would run a positive issues-oriented campaign and that's what resonated.

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