Thursday, January 26, 2017

YOUNG & EMPOWERED - an African American Elevation Journey

Good morning/afternoon!

Emancipation: FREE-YOUR-SELF (EFYS),, is a movement on a mission to help African-Americans & people of African descent across the globe, FREE THEMSELVES from an enslaved/indoctrinated mindset that has held us bound for far too long.

There is much at stake... the future of our creative & ingenious race depends upon the mindset, attitude, health & financial savvy of our young people.

It's never too soon to start feeding their brilliant young minds with the food for thought necessary for them to shift their focus from a 'survival mindset' into a 'thriving mindset'. Learning to create a more purposeful and meaningful life is an essential part of moving each of us out of the generational trauma and negativity that tends to hold us back at times, and into a more positive, fearless outlook on life.  Learning to create a vision for ourselves when we're young in order to focus on possibilities & opportunities is how we will begin to reshape our destiny and create solutions that will enable us to thrive for generations to come.

Won't you join us? We are cordially inviting you and any young person ages 12-25 you know to the EFYS upcoming Black History Month Event: YOUNG & EMPOWERED- an African-American Elevation Journey, Saturday, February 4, 2017 9:00 AM to 2 PM, at the Downey Chamber of Commerce, 11131 Brookshire Ave, Downey, CA 90241.

We would very much appreciate your acceptance of our invitation! Come get elevated by 'Partners In Success' in the EFYS Movement & fellow Visionaries, Louise Hicks, CEO & Founder of the 'Aimed 2 Purpose™ Empowerment Network' and Lianna Gardner, President & Founder of GotNXT, LLC- Life Coaching & Empowerment. 

You won't want to miss this awesome opportunity to take an 'ELEVATION JOURNEY' unlike any you've ever experienced before!
"By embracing change we can grow beyond our present circumstances and become our greatest selves, living life from a more empowered and loving perspective."  


Please see attached flyer for registration, pricing and event details! *** PLEASE NOTE: ALL FEES ARE DUE IN CASH AT THE DOOR. No Exceptions!

Space is Limited and seats are filling up fast! Please Register ONLINE at:

Final Registration deadline: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd, 2017 at NOON PDT



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