Tuesday, August 16, 2016

THE MORATORIUM TO END VACCINATIONS: A Call-to-Action from Sallie ElKordy...

… Do you know the dangers of vaccines? 
Do you know the ingredients in vaccines? Did you know that our government
established a vaccine court in 1986 to protect pharmaceuticals and drug
manufacturers from law suits and have paid out billions of dollars to parents
of vaccine injured children, some of whom died as a result of vaccines?  Did you know that the Center for Disease
Control (CDC) has covered up from the public for 14 years a study that linked
Autism to the MMR vaccine? Watch and find out why Sallie ElKordy has launched a
nation-wide moratorium on vaccinations to protect our children and supporters
are rallying around Sallie in record numbers … #health #drugs #pharmaceuticals
#CDC #FDA #GovernmentCorruption #criminals #disease

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