Thursday, January 24, 2013


As we embark upon a new year, 2013, let’s remember that thoughts are the creation of everything.  Now, how do you plan to start your new year?  Will you use your “brain power” to create new beginnings in your life so that you can move forward with positive results?  Here, I share a story with you where I use these words as characters to help us define how we want to live our lives, thus receiving all the blessings that will enhance our lives and allow us to reach that higher platform to achieve in prosperity, good health, and joy and peace in the coming year and years ahead.


Two people were traveling on a journey to their chosen destination after both had listened to guidance from HELP, who shared what it meant to be AIMED 2 PURPOSE.  HELP explained that AIMED 2 PURPOSE is a formula for success in which the components were Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Edification, and Determination.  HELP continued with there are five powerful elements of Vision, Hope, Faith, Knowledge, and Action that assist in Pursuing Urgently Realistic Potential Opportunities Successfully Envisioned.   STOP listened to HELP, but decided to wait for HELP because STOP thought they could not make it on their own; GO listened to HELP and acquired all the knowledge and wisdom that HELP could offer to aid GO on their journey; GO, the knowledge and wisdom seeker made it to their chosen destination, while STOP is still in the same spot waiting for HELP.

ENOUGH TO GO AROUND has always believed there was no need to compete with anyone because whatever is meant for ENOUGH TO GO AROUND, they would achieve with their own efforts with integrity and character, thus no need to compete with anyone.  However, PUSH AND SHOVE, who appeared to be in constant competition as to who could outdo the other, which led to jealousy, anger, or hate, felt the best way to achieve was to outshine each other, no matter who got hurt in the process.  HELP and ENOUGH TO GO AROUND, knowing the true formula for success always maintained integrity and character and never hurt anyone to get what they wanted stepped in to assist PUSH and SHOVE.  HELP and ENOUGH TO GO AROUND were masters at problem solving, so they shared with PUSH and SHOVE what had happened to STOP and GO and they explained to PUSH and SHOVE that as long as you are AIMED 2 PURPOSE, know who you are, and use ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE, AND ACCEPT without the constant competition, each could achieve whatever they desired in life and their journey would be much smoother without the constant conflict.  HELP AND ENOUGH TO GO AROUND further explained to PUSH and SHOVE that there was no need to compete because each had their own unique abilities, with gifts, talents, and brain power to achieve like WITHOUT DOUBT, who like HELP and ENOUGH TO GO AROUND had always received whatever they believed they would. There were myriad of possibilities and an abundance of opportunities for all to get the desires of their hearts as long as they used A CALL TO ACTION who empowered and inspired them to keep moving forward.

The moral of the story is to acquire all the knowledge and wisdom you can to help you fulfill your chosen path in life, but don’t use another’s brain negatively or hurt anyone to get you where you want to go in life, only use their positive influence to find your own way and there is no need for jealousy, anger, or hate as there is abundance and only GREED or STOP can keep you from your destiny.  Much Love!  Louise

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