Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I will always embrace my culture and adopt and adapt the wisdom of my wise ancestors. This is the legacy that I passed to my children and I expect them to pass to their children. We have a rich history that is part of our heritage and as we continue to evolve, that history will expand to enrich our lives and help us with clarity and the greatest gift we can give ourselves, which is Freedom, true freedom to know and understand who we are, to love ourselves and others, and to live with joy, peace, happiness and prosperity. 

As we continue our life journey, combining our traditional values with our own self-awareness will help and support us in cultivating harmonious, authentic relationships with others to formulate masterminds to get the desires of our heart and influence others in understanding the power within ourselves to open our internal universe to envision how the external universe gives us what we want and the beauty of life.  When we understand with Courage, Confidence, and Commitment, we can  move beyond all fears and take Action with Vision, Hope, Faith and Knowledge to embrace our culture and use that  valuable wisdom and history to unlock the doors to a successful future as we soar limitless to possibilities beyond our own imagination. Your Power Lies Within You - Let It Loose!  Have a fantastic day and continue to be fruitful. LOVE  and  LIVE!

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