Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This has amazed me since I was a child when I went to church practically every Sunday. As I got older, still a child, we would sit in the back and laugh as benches were turned over, congregation members shouting all over the little small church we attended, in which to us at the time was big, just as we saw our little house as bigger than what I see it today. Now, fast forward, now 63, I understand why this was happening, because this was an expression of oppression that we had practically no control over, nor the know how to move ourselves to freedom. Now, when I see this happening, I am still amazed that here we are in the 21st century still doing the same thing with the same pivotal results. I know we are a rhythmic people with unique gifts and talents, but I never felt the need to exert my God energy in this manner. By the time I was 12, I knew this type of expression was not how I would express my spirituality. I believe it was because I saw the poverty around me, in my own house and I knew early on that something was gravely wrong with anyone struggling regardless of color when it was taught that God is Love. Now as an intuitive person, I believe in the Bible, but I always saw it differently than most in my circle and still do for the most part. I saw the Bible used to benefit some, while a disadvantage to the masses who relied upon it as their sole salvation the way we were conditioned to believe to continue the slave mentality and entrapment, yet in the black community I saw more poverty than anywhere else but we appeared to be the most religious people I had ever witnessed. Note I said religious because I separate Religionality from Spirituality, in which I believe Religionality and Politics to be the most divisive two establishments known to mankind.  When I read other self-help, self-development and empowerment books, I see biblical overtones in all, many that quote scripture to aid in understanding how to get what you want.  In reading the entire Bible, I now see the benefit of this book when used properly to empower and it says everyone should live in abundance, not just the few who lord it over and many pastors while many in their congregations are struggling just to make ends meet. Poverty is one of the major sources of despair and disease. Shouldn't the shepherd ensure his flock is well taken care of to reap the best and most fruitful harvest?  If that is not happening, instead of exerting your energy in this manner, why not question why you are struggling and get answers that make common sense instead of keep giving and praying. We have been giving and praying for hundreds of years, yet the poorest group collectively in America compared to the time we have been in this country. That is alarming and we must look internally for answers and use our God given brilliance to realize our power, which lies within and it is over due to let it loose. I believe in God and the power of prayer, but I also believe in ACTION and being my brothers and sisters keepers and assisting in sharpening their tools as others assist me to sharpen my tools to take control of my life and take personal responsibility for my life. YOUR POWER LIES WITHIN YOU - LET IT LOOSE!  LOVE and LIVE!  

Note:  This article was inspired by a video post on Faceback that shows how black churches tend to conduct praise worship.

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