Friday, April 10, 2015


If you weren't able to listen in on the live show, you're still able to go watch it on Otherwise, here is a review of the show!

This week on the show, we had Annaleise Carr on the show. She is currently 17 years old, and has already accomplished many great feats in her lifetime. At age 4, she started swimming competitively and in 2011, she was able to do an open water 10K swim. Already, we can tell that she is someone that is very determined. And as Louisa Hicks, one of our wonderful host, has said, "She is a powerhouse!"

During that Open Water 10K swim, she was able to visit Camp Trillium, a year-round camp that provides recreational experiences for children with cancer and their family. Seeing those happy and laughing faces on the Camp Trillium children really left an impact on her, as she tried to volunteer her time, but was rejected for not being of age.

So what better way to raise awareness and money for Camp Trillium, than to combine it with something you are good at?!

Since Annaleise had already started doing open water swimming at age 11, what better way to prove her skills and years of knowledge than to do the daring and scary swim across Lake Ontario! It took her a long time to train for the swim across Lake Ontario, but with the full support from her family and friends, she was able to accomplished it.

On August 19, 2012, she became the youngest person to ever finished swim across Lake Ontario AND she also became the youngest person to join the "24 Hour Club" which is swimmers that are able to do marathon swimming 24 hours and/or more. She took a total of 26 hours and 41 minutes, and was able to raise over $200,000!

That isn't all from her though, she is able to continue doing these marathon swimming, which included Lake Erie, that happened on July 2014 while still raising awareness and money for Camp Trillium!

This is definitely a person that we can tell will never give up in her attempt to finish something. Certainly she is someone that is a force to be reckon with and everyone should take a page from her book and to keep working hard on what they love to do, as it could help do good in the world!

Speaking about book, come back next week to to hear Part II of Annaleise Carr's talk about her book "Annaleise Carr: How I conquered Lake Ontario to help kids battling cancer"!

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