Monday, April 6, 2015


This week on AIMED 2 PURPOSE - The Radio Show, we have a two part episode with our special guest, Annaleise Carr!

Annaleise Carr is a 16 year old, female marathon swimmer from Walsh, Ontario in Norfolk County. In August 2012, she became the youngest person to ever swim across Lake Ontario, while raising money and awareness for Camp Trillium.

Camp Trillium is a charity that provides a camping experience at Rainbow Lake for children with cancer.

Annaleise was able to finish swimming across Lake Ontario with the time of 26 hours and 41 minutes, becoming the youngest person to complete the swim and also joining the "24 Hour Club" (which includes all swimmers who do a marathon swim for 24 hours or longer).

With her world record swim, she was able to raise more awareness towards Camp Trillium and childhood cancer, her original goal of $30,000 now going over $200,000.

Want to know or hear more about her? Then tune on over to our radio show to hear her talk on Monday at 5pm PST. Follow this Global Voice Broadcasting link or go to!

Otherwise, she has a website named with a lot of her own youtube videos showcase AND she even wrote her own book talking about her reasoning behind her desire to help others and her wonderful achievements, which can also be found on her website!

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