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This was my response to this posting on Facebook today, January 26, 2013:  I thought it was worth blogging about.

This is a dialogue that is so typical of a multitude of behaviors that has assisted in the derailment of the American family.  We have these clichés that we share, particularly with our children without an explanation and understanding as to why we feel the way we do.  Also, more significantly, we have not learned how to speak the truth with words of love and understanding ourselves, so how can we pass an understanding on to our children, who are vulnerable because of so much hypocrisy.  As a society, we need an awakened awareness of our own behavior and the impact it is having on our children.  This includes understanding the principles of forgiveness and realizing planting positive seeds is beneficial to the mind, spirit, and body, while planting negative seeds is detrimental to our being and leads to destructive behavior, thus repetitive cycles of family derailment and despair.  In attending the taping this month of the upcoming airing of Oprah’s Lifeclass, entitled “Fatherless Sons” and “Fatherless Sons and The Mothers Who Raise Them” in which there were moments of sadness and joy, I  had to reflect on my own journey as a single mother and the lessons learned from raising my children, where I made them my priority, not only being there physically, but spiritually, economically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and environmentally which embodies the most important ingredient, “LOVE”, which is what many parents forget that it takes wholesome living to meet the challenges of parenting, whatever the circumstances are. We need more spirituality and unfortunately, many religious institutions have turned religion into a “gold mine” as opposed to teaching about spirtuality and a true “Love Connection” of humanity.  For example, in this depiction, the one statement, “I don’t need a man” will truly create a negative thought in this young mind, in which  her response is truly reflective of that negative statement, the planting of a negative seed.  If this were my daughter, and the subject of a father not in the home arose, I would have honestly discussed with her why I believe the father isn’t in the home; then I would have shared with her if I didn’t have a man a dialogue of  not “I don’t need a man”, but what we need in a man in a nourishing, loving way to help her understand the type of man that is needed in our lives for us to live a healthy, happy  life in joy and prosperity with love and respect for each other as God intended humanity to be.  
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