Sunday, April 26, 2015


This Monday on at 5pm PST, we will be talking to 2 special guests this time!

One of our guest is Deepak Chari. He has a Master in Science degree as an Engineer and Certified Biofeedback Specialist. He uses advanced Biofeedback technologies to find and release the emotional problem that causes stress and anxiety in health and daily life. He helps people have a happier relationship, quality of sleep, self-confidence in yourself and become a better person in yourself!

Our other special guest is Dr. Roopa Chari. She is a Medical Doctor that has a Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She actually finds out the root of the cause in people's symptoms and will help find a way to fix the problem individually using the old-fashion style: a natural customized program filled with nutrition, whole food supplements, specific herbs and other ancient techniques to help gain the results people need.

They have been in service for over 15 years in California helping people with weight loss, therapy to help balance hormones and people to feel and look younger and to calm the anxiety down.

If you want to hear more about these two people and the wonderful work they have done, plus finding out their secret, then tune in the on Monday at 5pm PST! You can also catch the live tweeting that happens on twitter @Aimed2Purpose

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