Monday, April 20, 2015


This week on Aimed2Purpose, Louisa Hicks and Kennon Mason will be talking to our special guest, Bryan Steel!

Missed last week? It was the second part of a two-parter episode with Annaleise Carr! Go to to listen to it!

Bryan Steel is an athlete in cycling. He fell into the cycling world by his brother at age 14 when he was trying to find something that would pique his interest. He was very uninterested in schooling and he did not do well in regular gym sports(i.e. basketball, soccer, track) but when he fell into cycling, that became his main passion and focus, his outlet from his life.

He trained and made the British cycling team during a time when the team needed help in promoting itself to the sports. He participated in a revolutionary management change that was able to bring the team to the world stage, winning 14 World Championship games, three Commonwealth Games and to the Olympics 4 times. All within an 18 year international career.

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