Thursday, January 31, 2013

Your DNA Greatness

How is your DNA (Divine Natural Ability) today?  You were born with unique attributes that permeates your mind, body, and spirit.  How will you use this divine greatness to illuminate your light to joy and prosperity? Will you run on until you reach your chosen destiny or will you make excuses to stop and become stagnant? There is a time to stand still, but as you stand, you must behold your vision and see with eyes wide open that your possibilities are limitless, knowing “Your Power Lies Within You – Let It Loose!®” God has given you the power of courage, not fear to move with vibrant force to allow yourself to become a mirror image of his Amazing Grace to live without doubt, to walk in the path of his righteous Love where you are safe to abide in powerful places to see the power of his Love as you awaken to a life of newly found happiness. Are you AIMED 2 PURPOSE®? - Click this link “LIKE” my Fan Page

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