Monday, November 10, 2014


What does this tell us about our educational system here in America?  I am sure if you check other states, you may find some startling statistics as well.  This is no surprise because the prison system is "big business", just like the pharmaceutical business.  Parents where are YOU and why are we allowing our government (Politics) and Politicians to blindside us while our children suffer from lack of knowledge.  This is shameful and we wonder why people don't vote?  Does our vote really matter?  Until we step out of our comfort zone and go deep within ourselves and become the leaders we were born to be as the masses, this will continue to happen.  Who are you investing in?  Your Power Lies Within You - Let It Loose!  Just a little short story to inspire you!  I have a Bachelor's degree that I don't talk about much because there are probably as many educated fools as there are uneducated fools and I say that with the utmost respect to those that worked hard to get a college education like I did and learn the theory which is what I learned in college.  I value my college education and it has helped me tremendously because when I utilize the theory with my common sense,  and experience, it has carried me a long way.  But, my real education has come through my life experience, influence from others, mentors and the wisdom that comes from knowledge through the aforementioned and my own intuitive questioning and researching things that I didn't understand.   I have mentioned numerous times on my radio show AIMED 2 Purpose - The Radio Show that I was deathly ill in the early 2000s and had no clue at first that it was something at my job that caused my illness.  Having never been sick in my life and in my early 50s, I was devastated when I found out how ill I was and what had caused my illness.  To add insult to my injury, the battle with my then employer was almost unbearable, even with an attorney.  Then in 2011, I was saddled with the battle of my life when I had to become an attorney-in-fact and do more battle with my retirement board.  This was a 7 year battle that laid dormant for about 3 years when I did some deep soul searching and praying as to whether I wanted to do battle with lawyers who had gone to law school to become attorneys when I had gone to school to become a social worker in 4 years compared to their additional years it takes and the bar exam to become a practicing attorney.  Upon prayerful days and nights and solid soul-searching, I was guided to take them on.  It wasn’t easy and I had many sleepless, agonizing, painful days and nights when I wanted to quit because of researching how to put on a case, briefs, write arguments, etc., all the things that trained attorneys do.  But, one thing for sure, I was not a quitter, and I would tell myself every day, I have more time than money and I can sleep when I am dead and they (my ex-employer and the retirement board) will not kill me.  I would also tell myself quitters never win, and winners never quit.  I would also tell myself that I know more about how my ex-employer operates than any attorney that I could not afford to hire knew.  I attempted to hire an attorney when I was first denied, but didn’t have the resources to afford one, so I just decided to give up.  Then after 3 years of the case lying dormant, I had 21 days to make a decision or my case would die forever.  That is when I decided to consider getting an attorney again, only to find out the ante was upped by 3 to 5 thousand dollars in just 3 years, which once again, I didn’t have the resources because the upfront cost was only a retainer fee of $10,000 and the total cost would have been thousands more by the time the case ended.  I learned more about resilience and put my 3 Cs (courage, confidence, and commitment) into action, even when I was so tired, I could have laid down and slept for days, but I knew I had to finish what I started and without a doubt I believed in me and the power of God, that voice that guided me to the finish line and I won on July 2, 2014.  The 9 Board member reversed a decision of the presiding referee after 3 appearances to orally argue my case after all the written briefs and sleepless night, perseverance and the courage to stand up for what I believed in paid off.  What I saw and went through allowed me to see first-hand what it is like for many in our society who are fearful and afraid to take a stand for justice when you feel you lack the know how?  You must go within yourself and you will amaze yourself how much power you have and how deep that power runs within your soul.  Your Power Lies Within You – Let It Loose.  In spite of the educational system, we must educate ourselves and realize our power within because just because they build prisons don’t mean that you have to occupy them.  It is up to you to make that decision.  I am grateful that I have lived to tell my story that I will share in an upcoming book that will be released, but I am not sure as I am still writing and editing this book and 2 others.  Stay fruitful and you will see the rewards.


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